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  • 中文版


    • Telephone: 0086-711-3203299
    • Mob.: 0086-711-3706899
    • Whatsapp: 008618872884338
    • Company name: Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd


    • 1. Buyer issues LOI (this letter).
    • 2. Seller issues FCO/Draft Contract to buyer.
    • 3. Final contract is signed and exchanged via fax or e-mail and/or hard copies.
    • 4. Buyer visits Seller's yard and inspect the cargo and also signing contract in hard copy face to face. (BUYER’S OPTION)
    • 5. Buyer's Bank issues non-operative LC/SBLC to Seller's Bank.
    • 6. Seller issues 2% PB and LC/SBLC becomes fully operative.
    • 7. Seller makes first trial shipment within 20-30 days from LC/SBLC receipt.
    • 8. Buyer may visit loading port to observe inspection and loading operation (BUYER’S OPTION).
    • 9. Subsequent shipments follow as per contract.
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